Zoophobia: A Complete Guide to Overcome This Disease

Zoophobia: A Complete Guide to Overcome This Disease

One survey was done by a group of scholars a few years back. The theme of the survey was to find out the reason behind ‘Blood Pressure Increases’ or ‘High Adrenaline Rush’. One thing that comes out from the survey, that’s Phobia gives birth to panic attacks.

And panic attacks have several consequences including paralysis. As everyone has a different mindset, a phobia can be generated for any particular reason. But among all common phobias, anyone can put Zoophobia on the top of the list.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the definition, the types, the reasons, the symptoms, and the cure. A depth of knowledge will be given here. Let’s start.

Definition of Zoophobia

In simple words, Zoophobia means a phobia to animals. The phobia can be generated towards a particular species, to a certain animal, or sometimes to all animals. Though often we define phobia as fear, it has a different meaning in medical terms.


Phobia is a mental disorder that causes palpitations, adrenaline rush, anxiety, intense heartbeat, and an increase in blood pressure. So, fearing animals and having a phobia of them, is completely different.

Many Zoophobia Movies have been represented variously. But if you have met someone who has serious issues, only medical help (which are mentioned below)can save them. Let’s see what types of it.

What are The Types of Zoophobia?

Zoophobia Definition must have given you the slightest idea about the disease. However, one more point to know. Zoophobia is not related only to animals, because insects, birds, reptiles, and other living organisms have a contribution to it.

In a particular survey on zoophobia, in 2018, it has been seen that more than 12.5% of people are affected by this disease only in the USA. So, there is a high chance, the percentage amount will increase if the whole world is being considered.


Here, some of the types of zoophobia are being mentioned.

Name of The DiseasePhobia Due to
HerpetophobiaReptiles ( this is the most common)
RanidaphobiaFrogs ( sometimes even toads)
ArachnophobiaSpiders ( second most common)
MusophobiaRats and Mice

What are The Reasons for Zoophobia?

Many reasons have been seen for zoophobia. But there are 4 clear reasons. Those are being discussed here.

1. Genetical Behaviour

The laws of evolution are known to us everybody more or less. One thing we can learn from the history of the earth is, habits can be recorded into genes. And eventually, that flows into his or her successors in the future. It can be the reason but the percentage of it is very low.

2. Fear to Phobia

We learn what we experienced. At first, every new thing is unknown to us. Until we give it a try, we can’t be sure about someone or something. The same thing goes here. If the first experience is negative with a particular animal (s), it generates fear deep in the heart. With growing age and because of not capable to face that fear again, it turns into a phobia.

3. Anxiety and Blood Pressure

zoophobia symptoms

Sometimes the reason could be completely reversed. Those who have high blood pressure and high anxiety level, often they get afraid of little things. Though the incident is not that much tough, they take it seriously and as a result, can give birth to a phobia.

4. Observing Others

In some cases, the fear or the phobia can be generated due to watching others’ behavior. If any family member or friend is getting afraid of something, then our foolish mind starts thinking, we should get afraid of that. And from that point of view, it can start raising a phobia.

Scientists, researchers, and doctors can give you plenty of reasons for this. But in general, these 4 reasons are being captured in high numbers.

What are The Symptoms of Zoophobia?

As we almost have covered the basics of Zoophobia, now it’s time for the Zoophobia Symptoms. Have a close look at the instructions given below.

zoophobia symptoms
  • You can easily spot the disturbance of the behavior while talking about an animal ( only if he or she has feared for any specific animal) to them. Even they get afraid while hearing and watching pictures of them. In some rare cases, imagining or thinking about those animals can be painful too.
  • The most specific symptom that will help you to recognize his fear is, trembling. Due to anxiety and nervous breakdown, trembling appears. Shaking is the common symptom of trembling.
  • Increasing heartbeat is another common symptom. Though it can’t be seen from the outside, a close look at his actions will give you the idea. A heartbeat will be increased, so there must be a problem while breathing. Nausea can be seen too.
  • Due to phobia, some persons tend to sweat. High palpitations and difficulties in breathing are the reasons behind it. Tightness in the chest may happen due to high blood pressure.
  • For those who have high anxiety levels, fear can make them pale. So by looking at their white faces, you can understand. Eyes will be expanded in fear.

These are the common symptoms, can be found. But what about children? Children don’t have the voice to express their fear. And arbitrary tantrums can’t help the parents. So, here are some facts through which you can understand whether the child has zoophobia or not. Let’s Zoophobia Symptoms in children.

 zoophobia symptoms in children
  • Clinging is a thing that most children do when they get feared. You can easily find it out by looking at their eyes.
  • Secondly, if they cry after seeing certain images of animals, it is clear that they have phobias.

Try to read their moves and reactions, you’ll clearly understand. Knowing the symptoms will be effective if necessary steps are being taken for that. Here, we are providing some of the beneficial solutions to you. Let’s see.

How to Cure Zoophobia?

Zoophobia Solutions are not tough anyway. Here are some most effective solutions that are being given. We hope, these will help you as these have done in many cases.

1. Exposure Therapy for Zoophobia Treatment

In 2016, through another survey, it has been proven that exposure therapy can heal 80% of phobias. It’s not only effective for zoophobia but also for others too.

The treatment is easy. It is a way to introduce yourself to your fear. You can try this at home. Try to let the person think about his phobia. Try to talk more about that animal and ask him to try slowly. Then ask him to see the pictures, and reels ( must be available on the Internet). If possible, ask him to touch those animals ( not possible for all though).

You can give them a tour of the zoo with him. Don’t do any rush and let all the negative comments aside. Try to motivate him. Your fine words can encourage him.

2. Having a Counselling

It is not much different than the first one. But here you need to maintain the proper protocol of a counselor. So, if you are not an experienced one, it is better to move away. Because one wrong sentence can demotivate him or her even more.

Lots of things will be done but one thing is for sure. They’ll reshape your feelings, emotions, way of thinking to the phobia and the fear. Thus through a proper program, they’ll be cured.

Achieving positivity is not the only thing to go with. You should keep removing the negativities too. Let’s see how.

  1. Avoid those friends who are experts on bullying. Generally in young age, it occurs and these actions can enhance the fear. Always try to be with positive persons. Support, encouragement, and trust can help them to cure fast.
  2. While a running treatment is going on, you should take care that the person Mustn’t get in contact with the animal, especially who is the reason for his/her fear. It can ruin the treatment’s sequence.
  3. To depress anxiety and other irregular activities, some persons start taking Benzodiazepines and beta-blockers. For emergency purposes, it’s okay. But it becomes fatal when these are taking as antidepressants. Don’t let the drugs control the body. It is more dangerous than a phobia.

Final Words

As you can see the whole thing is depending on the mind, so the solution must be there. A positive environment can help them to get rid of these diseases. Every mental health issue is a serious one. Underestimating those will be wrong.

If you have observed the symptoms, take action without wasting further time. If the patient is a child, it is the best moment to heal the child up. When the person will learn to fight back with fear, only then he can face all the challenges in the future.

Always be supportive, try to encourage them. Take the treatments and avoid the medications as much as possible. We hope, this article will help you to have a crystal clear idea about Zoophobia.