What are the benefits of physical activity for ED?

Physical activities improve ability of the body to get fresh oxygen and nutrients from food. The physical activities reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases and delay onset of erectile dysfunction.

Physical activities are one of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. Both body and mind are positively affected by the exercises. Depending on the type of physical exercise, one can target specific body part to improve its function, efficiency and relax tense muscles. it has been observed by medical experts and healthcare experts that males with an active life has improved heart function , better stamina , and vigorous intimate life . Let us get into detail on benefits physical activities provide to a male with erectile dysfunction.

Role of Physical activity in erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction in males is manifestation of many physical and mental issues. It has been observed that many issues such as overweight, diabetes, cholesterol issue, and lack of energy stem from inactive lifestyle. The stress levels, mood swings, and low energy for an intimate session are result from sedentary lifestyle. Medical experts recommend an active lifestyle as a part of overall health care plan to cure erectile dysfunction naturally.

Exercises keep weight in check

Physical exercise or activities help burn calories. The number of calories burning depends on intensity of the exercises and duration. The permanent weight loss is associated with exercises, as intake of calories beyond a limit is not possible. The type of exercise and duration of the activity determines calories a male will loss. Some of the best activities include jogging, swimming, cycling, skipping, and brisk walking. To get the best result make sure that any activity you pick is part of your daily routine.

Exercise improves heart health

Exercises keep blood vessels flexible and remove obstructions in blood flow towards the heart. The stress on heart is less if blood movement is smooth. The heart health determines the erection process. A healthy heart pumps blood efficiently throughout the body. The smooth blood flow in the male organ will never give rise to erectile dysfunction.

It has been observed that being active boosts high density lipoprotein cholesterol, which is good fat, and decreases unhealthy triglycerides. The decreases in bad fat lower the cardiovascular diseases. Medical studies have shown that younger males who were on erectile dysfunction medicines such as Sildenafil citrate 200mg were all having cholesterol issue as one of the main reasons behind erectile difficulty. Lowering cholesterol challenge through exercises lowered the erection degree and reduces dependence on erection boosting medicines.

Exercises and mood

Studies on patients suffering from mild to moderate depression cases have revealed that exercises are as effective in controlling low mood as anti-depressant medicines. The best of exercises is that it can prevent relapse of depression more effectively than medicines.

Exercises help our body to release serotonin, which regulates mood, sleep and appetite. Exercises also increase endorphins, which are natural mood lifter. Exercises also promote a sound sleep, which is one of the biggest natural cures for a depressed mind. Mental issues these days are the major factor behind erectile dysfunction in younger males. The late nights, lack of sleep, and hectic life induced stress are the prime causes for mental issues. Depending on anti-depressant drugs can be counterproductive as it can increases erectile difficulty as a side effect. Try exercises to prevent and cut risk of mental issues.

Enhance energy levels through exercises

Some specific exercises directly increase sexual energy in males. The males who are relying on generic Levitra 40 mg can lower the dose requirement with specific exercises. These are pelvic area exercise, kegel exercise, weight lifting, aerobic exercises and even just fast walking.

Pelvic area exercises and kegel exercises promote blood flow towards the male organ. Weight lifting increase testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels have been observed in males with low libido and low drive. Both of these shortcomings lead to erectile dysfunction. In fact, natural remedies to cure erectile issue have exercises as an important part. Add the pushups, sit-ups and crunches to boost the energy levels.


Physical exercises directly improve physical and mental health to cut the risk of erectile dysfunction. Regular touch with any form of physical activity, even a fast walking, will yield greater benefits than once a week intense physical session. Consult a doctor to check the health status before incorporating any physical activity in daily routine.