Top 10 Foods to Increase Height

Top 10 Foods to Increase Height

Body height of a person mainly depends on genetics, but diet also plays a vital role in development and growth of human body. Malnourishment can lead to several diseases as well as dwarfism too. If you have kids of growing age then you must take great care of their diet.

As a parent, you should have great concern about your child overall growth. No parent would ever intend their child to be short, thin or short and for doing the same it’s necessary to provide proper and balanced diet to your little ones.

Foods with body building properties are rich in energy and other essential substances. Consuming the right food in a proper amount will help your children in not only staying fit but also help them in growing taller. Teenagers these days have many lifestyle habits including consuming a lot of junk food, not having proper sleep, less physical activity, etc.

These things can lead to multiple serious health problems and that isn’t going to help them anymore. Encounter this problem by feeding extra nutritious food to your children from younger age. I have featured top 10 foods, which are easily available in UK discount stores for increasing body height and I am sure you will find it worthy.

1.Tofu/Cottage Cheese

Tofu is a powerhouse of ingredients required for the body growth. Meat is also one of the most important body-building foods but if you are a vegetarian, tofu could be the best alternative to go with. The best thing about this food is that it can be made easily in home and you don’t have to buy packed and processed tofu from stores.

Soya milk is the base material used for making tofu which is rich in calcium and protein on the other hand cottage cheese is made from cow milk and had more lactose compared to tofu. If you are intolerant towards dairy products then you should consume tofu instead.


Milk is considered as the complete food and is being consumed from ages in almost every civilization. Most of us have childhood memories of being chased by our mothers holding a glass of milk in hand. Milk is the best source of the bone-building element called calcium which makes bones stronger and help kids in further growth.

Cow milk is widely used as a source of milk but few other animals also used to extract milk such as buffalo, goat, camel, llama, yak etc. The amount of fat, calcium and minerals is often different in milk of different species. Milk makes the bones strong as well as works as a height booster in the body.

3.Soy Beans

While extracting soya milk from soya beans many vital nutrients get vanished during the process. You can make multiple eatable cuisines from soya beans without losing a single nutrient. No doubt these beans are the great source of calcium and protein, cherry on the cake is that soy beans are low in fat. If you have any weight loss goals then eating soy beans can help you achieve your weight loss goals.


Chicken is one of the most consumed living being in this blue planet and a great source of body-building nutrients. Chicken contains a high amount of vitamin B12 which is crucial in boosting the growth hormones of human body.

An amino acid named Taurine is also present which in chicken regulates the formation and growth of bones. Chicken is also highly enriched in protein and it 100 grams contains about 25 grams of protein. It has been found that chickens have the highest amount of protein compared to other animal foods. These healthy are best foods to boost immunity and you will get best result in your health.


Nuts are excellent source of multiple nutrients including protein, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Vitamin E deficiency can result to stunted growth of your children and here eating Almonds can save you because these nuts are jam-packed with vitamin E. Vitamins found in Almonds also reduces the amount of Osteoclasts, a type of cell responsible for breaking bone tissues.


Almost every fish and most of the sea foods are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid which plays a crucial role in body growth. Fish is the tastiest food you will ever consume for getting vital nutrients such as protein, omega acids, minerals, vitamins and tons of other healthy nutrients.

This is a must-have food for the teenagers as well as for the adults too. Fish and sea food promotes height growth and thus you must include proper amount of fish in your daily diet.


One of the easiest and healthiest sources of body building components, eggs is consumed by millions of people across the globe daily. With the rise of poultry farming, the availability of eggs has also increased and thus it wouldn’t be difficult for anybody to buy eggs in their locality. Rich in protein, vitamin and minerals, eggs is among the powerful foods helps in increasing body height.

8.Leafy Greens

It’s always been a difficult task for the parent to feed green vegetables to their kids as most of the kids don’t like to consume vegetables. Leafy greens including spinach, arugula, cabbage, kale are the powerhouse of nutrients.

These greens are packed with vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, fiber and the list goes on. They are also enriched with vitamin K which increases bone density resulting in great support to the bones during their development and growth.


Yogurt is another dairy product which is considered as a major food source for proper body growth. This milk product consumption can directly affect your body growth. It’s very easy to make yogurt from milk and eating home-made yogurt will be healthier compared to the packed and processed one.

Yogurt contains more protein than plain milk and the reason is the good bacteria present in it. This super-food has all goodness of milk including multiple vitamins and minerals. Yogurt’s nutritional value is quite high among most of the food items recommended for increasing height.


Another great source of protein and fiber for the vegans and this time it is pulses. There are multiple varieties of pulses available and you should include them in your daily diet. No matter if you aren’t vegetarian and it will be boring to eat chicken and eggs daily for getting the essential protein.

You can switch those eatables with pulses and eat on alternate days. The best thing about this plant based food is that they can be easily digested and don’t contain fat which can lead to boost of cholesterol in our body.

Bottom Line:

A lower body height can make you feel inferior among the people having average height thus you must make great effort to increase your body height in the early stage of development. The problem occurs when we don’t have access to proper amount of food due to inappropriate inspiration, unavailability of products as well as lack purchasing power.

With the globalization, availability of eatables and purchasing power has increased drastically and the last thing remained is lack of inspiration. Nowadays solution of this problem also exists and internet will help you in finding top body building foods available in your locality. This post will also help you in grabbing the best food items to increase your height and I am sure you gonna bookmark it as a worthy blog post.