IVF vs Natural Pregnancy – Know Before Choosing

IVF vs Natural Pregnancy – Know Before Choosing

Confused whether to choose IVF or natural pregnancy for conception? This article can help.

This article briefs all you need to know before choosing IVF or natural pregnancy including what IVF is, what natural pregnancy is, and when to choose IVF or natural pregnancy for conception. Alongside, it also discusses how to get help from the best IVF centre, if needed.


What is IVF?

IVF or in-vitro fertilisation is a clinical procedure to achieve pregnancy. IVF is recommended for couples who are struggling with infertility, and want to have a baby. This clinical pregnancy treatment is an assisted conception technique in which the egg is fertilised with sperm outside the woman’s body, in a laboratory. And then, the fertilised egg (embryo) or you can say the unborn baby, is implanted directly into the uterus (womb) for further growth and development.

The patient is also given fertility medicines such as clomiphene and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) weeks or months before IVF procedure, to stimulate the egg production. And then, the healthiest egg is fertilised with the healthiest sperm.

What is Natural Pregnancy?

Natural pregnancy, as it sounds, occurs as a result of sexual intercourse. The male partner’s ejaculated sperm in the vagina travels through the cervix to fertilise the egg. The egg fertilises and creates the embryo which now travels down the fallopian tube, to the womb for growth and development.

Since natural pregnancy requires minimal to no clinical or medical intervention, it is considered the healthiest pregnancy type. Moreover, several health and lifestyle factors can also affect a couple’s ability to conceive naturally.

IVF vs Natural Pregnancy

As you are trying to choose between IVF or natural pregnancy, there are certain factors you first need to know before choosing any.

To ensure you choose the ideal option for yourself, you need to be aware of when IVF and natural pregnancy are recommended. Though natural pregnancy is the most preferred type of pregnancy and every couple initially attempts to conceive naturally. But in some cases, where infertility or other medical complications exist, a couple may have to consider assisted conception like IVF or IUI (intrauterine insemination). IUI is a less invasive and less costly pregnancy treatment which has a similar procedure like IVF. If IUI is effective in your case, you should consider IUI treatment in Gurgaon over IVF.

Well, now the question you may have is, when exactly should you choose IVF or natural pregnancy?

When to choose IVF?

IVF is only recommended to couples who are not able to conceive naturally. Couples who are affected by male factor infertility or have had a failed pregnancy caused by blocked or damaged fallopian tube are suggested to consider IVF. For some other cases, when age becomes the infertility factor, IVF can also be considered.

With age, women are likely to have lower egg quality and production. This often causes a couple to not be able to conceive naturally. But with IVF, egg production can be stimulated. And, since only the healthiest egg and healthiest sperm are chosen for fertilisation in IVF, the treatment eventually escalates the chances of conceiving.

When to choose natural pregnancy?

Natural pregnancy should always be the first option you should consider for pregnancy. Though there can be certain factors that might affect your conception chances, a couple is always recommended to attempt natural pregnancy first.

Couples who do not struggle with infertility or any other pregnancy complications are recommended to choose natural pregnancy over IVF or any clinical or medical pregnancy option. However, as mentioned, there are some factors that might affect conception chances, and these include: age, being overweight, a poor lifestyle, and habit of smoking, drinking coffee or alcohol, or taking recreational drugs. A fertility specialist always suggests a couple attempting natural conception, to consider improving these factors to increase their chances of pregnancy. 

Need Help?

Still choosing between IVF or naturally pregnancy seems baffling? A fertility specialist can help. Consider discussing your condition with a gynaecologist and ask advice on if you should choose IVF or natural pregnancy. GraceFertility, the best IVF centre in Gurgaon can help you choose. Backed by an expert team of fertility specialists, they have treated over 10,000 couples and hold a 74% of IVF success rate. 


This article briefed IVF and natural pregnancy along with when you should choose IVF or natural pregnancy. IVF may help if you are suffering from male factor infertility or infertility caused by blocked or damaged fallopian tube.

On the other hand, a couple should always attempt natural pregnancy first, as it is the healthiest type of pregnancy. Some factors such as age, bodyweight, lifestyle, and habits such as smoking, drinking caffeine and alcohol, or taking recreational drugs may also affect or influence your chances of conceiving naturally.

Hope this article helped!