There are many surgical procedures that are almost the same but with very slight differences. These differences are related to the tools used, the medical conditions they heal and the risks they bear.

Are Frenuloplasty And Circumcision Related?

There are different debates going on in this matter. Some are of the view that the Frenuloplasty is an extension of the circumcision surgery as both are concerned with the problems of the penis. But according to others they are totally the opposite.

Important Questions That You Need To Ask

So in order to eliminate doubts and confusion about two or more similar surgical procedures like Circumcision Surgery For Adults and Frenuloplasty; you have to ask the doctors important questions.

What Is The Proper Frenuloplasty Procedure?

The surgeon applies anesthesia which ever suits you to the penis to make it numb. Then make horizontal cuts to loosen the tightness and finally re-stitched with dissolvable incisions. This surgery eases the penis when it becomes tight during erection.

How To Prepare Before The Surgery?

You will be given proper instructions for the surgery of what not to eat or do, the precautions you have to take and most vitally inform the surgeon of any severe medical condition that you are suffering from.

Is Frenuloplasty Similar To Circumcision Surgery For Adults?

This surgical procedure is a variation to the circumcision surgery. The surgeon will carefully examine the real problem and then suggest whether you are going to have Frenuloplasty or circumcision.

How Adult Circumcision Surgery Is Performed?

Different tools and methods are used to perform adult circumcision surgery in men. But the procedure is the same; as the right length of the foreskin is removed to reveal the head of the penis.

Why Frenuloplasty Is Necessary?

The frenulum is a small tissue that connects the head of the penis with the foreskin. When it becomes short it can cause pain. Frenuloplasty is done to remove the tension which causes the problem.

What Are The Main Reasons For Circumcision?

The circumcision surgery performed at any good clinic including Circumcision Center has to be done for religious, medical and cosmetic reasons. But today the medical reasons are the ones that are promoting this is the youth and adult men.

Can Frenuloplasty And Circumcision Be Done By The Same Surgeon?

Yes, both of the surgical procedures can be done by the same doctor. But it has to be kept in mind to search for the surgeon who is a lot of years of experience. You can also consult an expert urologist to be safe.

What Happens If Not Have The Procedure?

Not having the Frenuloplasty can lead to extreme pain when you have an erection and can ultimately result in damaging the penis itself. This situation goes for both the Frenuloplasty and circumcision as well.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Whatever side effects the patients face is quite normal which happens in almost all surgical procedures. Very little amount of bleeding from the incision. Swelling and redness in the area. Trouble in urinating. But if the side effects get worse then immediately go to the surgeon.

What Care Should Be Taken After Circumcision And Frenuloplasty?

In both cases the precautions after the surgery are the same. Keeping the penis dry for at least two days. Loose fitting clothes should be worn. Take the prescribed medication. Avoid all rigorous exercises.

Are The Benefits Of Frenuloplasty Same As Circumcision Surgery?

The Frenuloplasty surgery is only done when the frenulum is becoming a big problem and the skin can’t be stretch which then causes great pain. But Circumcision Surgery For Adults is done for a diversify number of medical reasons.

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