Hyperspermia: Definition, Reasons, Symptoms, 2 Best Treatment

Hyperspermia: Definition, Reasons, Symptoms, 2 Best Treatment

Hyperspermia is a unisexual disease. It is generally being seen that 4% of people in India are suffering from this disease. However, the number is increasing to the west. Let’s see all the details about it.

Hyperspermia Definition

Hyper means a large amount. So when a man produces a high amount of semen along with sperm during orgasm, this situation is being called Hyper-spermia. The number of sperm and the volume of ejaculated liquid, decide whether it is normal or Hyperspermia.

Hyperspermia is very uncommon to hypospermia. Hypospermia is the opposite case of hyper-spermia. Now, the question is whether it is the reason for sterility or not. To know it, reasons should be clear to us.

Reasons of Hyperspermia

Hyperspermia Reasons are still not fully clear to doctors and researchers. As genital parts contain sensitive skin cells, it is very hard to catch the exact reason. But it is not like STDs. And it never spread through sexual contacts. Then what’s the reason?

  • The most prominent reason is the infection. Just like allergies, these areas can be sensitive to certain things. By external contacts of those allergens, it can spread infection in prostate areas.
  • Another reason could be the internal disputes. Sometimes due to over numbers of minerals and other nutrients, it can affect the prostate. So as a result, an excessive amount of semen can be generated.

Other factors like hormonal levels and sometimes the genes are responsible for Hyper-spermia.

Can Hyperspermia Make Your Sterile?

We know you are looking for the answer to this particular question. So, there are two things to mention. First is the volume of semen.

  1. As we know hyperspermia causes an excessive amount of semen, so it can make the fluid dilute. There is a 99% chance that the sperm can fertilize the partner’s egg though the volume of semen is high.
  2. Second thing is, the sperm count. It matters most. Whether your semen volume is high or not it doesn’t matter unless your sperm count is okay. Though small sperm count can fertilize eggs too.

So these are the cases of scenario. one more thing, your fertilization may be delayed as the volume is high. But it won’t make you sterile. Let’s see what are the Symptoms of Hyperspermia.

Hyperspermia Symptoms

It’s not like other diseases. You need to be very observant about this. Here, a test is being given which is usually done to check. According to studies, a normal ejaculation contains on an average 6.0 to 6.5 ml. of semen. Due to variety in nature, the percentage varies.


However, the lowest limit is 6.0 ml. and the highest limit is 6.5 ml. If your semen has a volume of more than 6.5ml., you have hyperspermia. You can take a measurement container and collect your semen up to the last drop. Thus physically you can have a check-up.

What’s The Treatment for Hyperspermia?

To be honest, there is no particular treatment for hyperspermia. Though if you figure out the reason, proper steps can be taken. If you are unable to make your partner pregnant, then there are some ways to treat it.

1. Sperm Retrieval

Sperm Retrieval is a technique often used by doctors to make a man fertile. The main purpose is to increase the sperm count. When the sperm is lacking in numbers, through this method, sperms are being pulled out of the reproductive tract. It can make the man fertile again.

2. IVF/ In Vitro Fertilization


Modern science has gifted this amazing technique. Here, the sperm will be taken out from a man’s body. Doesn’t matter whether he has hyperspermia or hypospermia. The sperms will be injected into the female reproductive tract ( fallopian tube). Thus without any prevention, it will hit the egg and will be fertilized.

Other than these two a lot of beneficial ways are there. Try to eat healthy foods that contain vitamins, protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Try to avoid all the burned oil food as it highly destroys sperm cells.


In the end, a conclusion can be drawn on Hyperspermia that THERE IS NOTHING TO WORRY. When it comes to sexual problems, people start doing overthinking and because of that other physiological problem occurs. Take the consultancy of a professional and lead a healthy life.

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