How to Set & Achieve Fitness Goals?

How to Set & Achieve Fitness Goals?

People do not stick with their fitness programs for various reasons. This could be due to setting unrealistic and unsustainable expectations. This could also be due to the desire for instant gratification and quick results. Participation in unsustainable fad diets could be another factor. If individuals do not accomplish their weight loss and other fitness-related goals in a short period of time, they may become discouraged. Instead of persisting, they may quit. If so, they may fail to realize that transforming their bodies is not a quick fix. It typically takes time and persistence. Also, they may not be aware that ups and downs and temporary setbacks will be part of the process; which is normal.

Nonetheless, these individuals should ensure they have realistic expectations and have an effective plan to follow. The plan should consist of healthy nutrition and consistent exercise. A proper mindset and the ability to overcome obstacles will be required. Most importantly, these individuals should view their health and fitness aspirations as long-term commitments.


Why You Need a Fitness Goal?

Natural weight loss, body sculpting, and toning should be the health and fitness goals of many. An increase in energy, an optimized metabolism, a reduction in cholesterol, and blood pressure could be additional motivating factors. Eating healthy and exercising on a consistent basis should become a way of life. This is the ultimate goal.

Proper nutrition consists of portion control, moderation, and consumption of essential nutrients. It also entails ensuring one does not consume too many calories on a daily basis; especially from food high in fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates, and so on. Exercise should consist of weight lifting, aerobic routines, and flexibility training. It should be performed on a consistent and varied basis for at least three to four hours a week.

Exercise coupled with healthy eating can help people burn more calories than they intake; which is required for losing weight. Over time individuals’ health and appearance will improve as well as their ability to sustain these health-related benefits and good habits.

Set Your Fitness Goals

Setting realistic goals is also important. People cannot expect to make drastic changes overnight. Of course, it is possible, but is it sustainable? How much time will elapse before individuals who participate in quick fixes return to their previous habits? If this occurs, more than likely they will go back to square one or be worse off than they were before.

Instead, these individuals should participate in dieting and exercising for proper daily calorie consumption, resulting in healthier weight loss, maintenance of weight, or weight gain. This health and fitness plan must promote gradual weight loss and habits that can become a normal part of life.

Participating in a daily health and fitness regimen will eventually result in benefits; which could include improved health and physical appearance and maintenance of fit physiques and happier lives. It can also help individuals overcome health-related obstacles and reduce the chances of the “Yo-Yo” syndrome; which takes place when these obstacles reappear and disappear.

Things to Look for in a Diet Program

As mentioned earlier, health and fitness consist of consuming the right amount of calories on a daily basis.

 First, it includes consuming the appropriate mix of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. This can be determined via the assistance of a nutritionist and/or physician. It can also be determined through trial and error from experience.

Second, frequent eating is also encouraged. This consists of eating at least four to six meals a day in moderation; instead of three larger meals.

Third, beverages must be moderated and monitored. This entails reducing the consumption of carbohydrate-filled beverages and drinking more water.

Individuals who eat and drink healthier eventually become used to it and may experience a reduction in the urge for less healthy alternatives.

Things to Look for in an Exercise Program

Health and fitness also consist of exercise. An exercise program should include a healthy mix of strength, cardio, and flexibility training.

Lifting weights can build lean muscle which helps burn fat. Cardio training can also help with fat loss while flexibility training can result in better future performance.

You can do several things to improve workout results.  If you want more exercise techniques and strategies to improve your workout results you can read Dr Workout’s article. Exercise should be performed regularly and routines should be mixed up.

It could be done alone, in groups, at home, on the road, or in the gym.  It could include traditional exercise routines or simple normal daily activities; such as walking and taking the stairs.

Set Realistic Expectations

A good health and fitness program requires the right mindset. Individuals must stick with the program during both the ups and downs.

 If individuals regress, they must return to the program. Temporary setbacks are expected and should be viewed as such instead of long-term guilt. Also, people must have realistic expectations. Improving our fitness and health will take time for the most part.

Of course, individuals can participate in intense programs and acquire the desired benefits quickly. However, it may be hard to maintain these programs over the long-term.

Measuring Flexibility of Your Fitness Program

Good health and fitness systems allow flexibility. At times in our life, we should have a cheat day where we can skip exercise or eat what we want without feeling guilty. This could include holidays and special events. To reduce any negative consequences, individuals should prepare for these occasions in advance.

Breaking Ultimate Goal into Smaller Ones

Finally, it is important to break up the ultimate goal into smaller ones. This will help individuals along their health and fitness journey. It could also reduce impatience and any doubts regarding the ultimate goal.

These small goals could be on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. They could entail adhering to the meal plan, exercising consistently, staying positive, and so on. It could also consist of quantifiable benefits regarding body fat and waist size reduction, weight loss, and so on. Likewise, individuals can stay on the right path towards accomplishing the end goal by performing the required activities on a consistent basis.


In conclusion, a fitness goals journey consists of mindset, nutrition, and exercise. It also includes planning, setting goals, and overcoming setbacks. Most importantly, your health and fitness programs must be based on sustainable activities and not quick fixes.