How to Claim Compensation for Cosmetic Criminal Injuries

Can You Claim Compensation for Cosmetic Criminal Injury?

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority scheme is designed to assist the more severe cases of criminal injury as a last resort, where the victim has not been able to claim financial compensation from other sources.

However, it may be possible to claim compensation from the CICA for minor injuries according to these tariffs.

Who is eligible to claim compensation for cosmetic injury from the CICA?

Basically, the damaging party has to pay for everything that helps to restore health.

A health disorder in the broader sense triggers a claim for restoration.

This includes the costs of outpatient and inpatient medical treatment and the entire effort that serves to reduce or eliminate the injury-related suffering.

This includes

  • Treatment costs by doctors
  • Treatment costs through hospital stays
  • Expenses for drugs, medication or prostheses
  • Costs for cosmetic surgery and scar correction after accidents
  • Rehabilitation measures and spa stays

In the case of damage to health, the economic efficiency requirement set out in Section BGB does not apply.

As long as it is a matter of restoring health, the injured person’s interest in maintaining and restoring outweighs the injured person’s interest in reducing harm.

This includes not only the primary healing, but also follow-up costs, for example for cosmetic surgery to remove scars or expensive medical interventions with an uncertain outcome and a low chance of recovery.

Only unreasonable healing treatments that contradict all life experience cannot be replaced.

Claiming CICA Compensation for Permanent Scarring

The CICA will only pay compensation for scarring that causes significant disfigurement or serious disfigurement to the victim, which can drastically affect their physical and mental quality of life.

 Part A of the CICA tariffs offers the following awards for types of scarring:

Head Scarring
  • Significant disfigurement – £1,500 (A2)
  • Serious disfigurement – £3,500 (A5)
Facial Scarring
  • Significant disfigurement – £2,400 (A4)
  • Serious disfigurement – £11,000 (A8)
Neck Scarring

Significant disfigurement – £1,500 (A2)

Serious disfigurement – £4,600 (A6)

Upper Limb Scarring
  • Significant disfigurement – £1,000 (A1)
  • Serious disfigurement – £3,500 (A5)
Claiming CICA Compensation for Burns

Burns and scalds can cause serious scars, pain, and as well affect movement.

The CICA categorises “moderate burns” as first or second degree burns covering 25% of the body or third degree burns covering 10% of the body.

Severe burns on the other hand cover between 15 to 25 percent of the body and more. They have higher awards.

General Burns
  • Moderate to severe burns – £33,000 (A14)
Head Burns
  • Moderate – £2,400 (A4)
  • Severe – £16,500 (A10)
Face Burns
  • Moderate – £3,500 (A5)
  • Severe – £27,000 (A13)
Neck Burns
  • Moderate – £2,400 (A4)
  • Severe – £16,500 (A10)
Upper Limb Burns
  • Moderate (excluding minor burns) – £2,400 (A4)
  • Severe – £11,000 (A8)
Claiming CICA Compensation for Teeth

Damage to teeth or loss of teeth may seem like a minor injury, but can lead to many other health problems, other than just cosmetic issue.

These are the amounts to claim:

Tooth Damage
  • One or more front teeth requiring crowns – £1,000 (A1)
  • Fractures requiring apicectomy (gum root surgery) – £1,800 (A3)
  • Tooth LossLoss of crown(s) – £1,000 (A1)
  • Loss of one front tooth (incisor or canine) – £1,500 (A2)
  • Loss of 2 or 3 front teeth – £2,400 (A4)
  • Loss of 4 or more front teeth – £3,500 (A5)
  • Loss of 2 or more non-front teeth – £1,500 (A2)
Claiming CICA Compensation for Physical Abuse

Part B of the CICA tariff addresses the compensation available for victims of physical abuse, including domestic abuse and sexual abuse.

Adult Abuse
  • Serious abuse (accumulation of healed wounds, no disfigurement) – £2,000 (B3)
  • Severe abuse (repeated violence resulting in minor disfigurement) – £5,500 (B6)
  • Persistent severe abuse (repetitive abuse over more than 3 years) – £8,200 (B8)
Child Abuse
  • Minor abuse (isolated or intermittent physical assault) – £1,000 (B1)
  • Serious abuse (accumulation of healed wounds, no disfigurement) – £2,000 (B3)
  • Severe abuse (multiple moderate injuries or minor disfigurement) – £5,500 (B6)
  • Significant severe abuse (multiple significant injuries) – £8,200 (B8)
  • Severe abuse resulting in multiple severe injuries – £13,500 (B10)

You may want to seek out legal advice for help to calculate your CICA award entitlement.

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