Spinning exercise bike

So the word going round is that you can burn up to 500 calories by spending only 30 minutes on a spinning exercise bike. From this information, it gets much easier to understand why so many people are willing to invest in this particular indoor exercise bike.

However, lack of information concerning this particular type of bike often leads people in to buying models that they wish they never had. However, with the information provided in the following read, you will get to know the benefits of using a spinning exercise bike and some exclusive tips on how to buy the best spinning exercise bike in the market.

What is a spinning exercise bike?

Just as the name implies, spinning bikes come with a weighted flywheel that you are required to spin using your leg power. The weight of the flywheel combined with the tension that you set works to create a resistance that forces you to use energy resulting in burning of calories not to mention muscle development. When compared to the regular bike, a spinning exercise bike works to give you a more realistic feel when cycling. In addition, a spinning bike allows you to increase and decrease the tension all by the press of a button on the console.

Benefits of Using a Spinning Exercise

First things first, using a spinning bike with bike accessories offers you anaerobic exercise which is definitely good for your heart and other muscles. It helps you to build strength and endurance through interval training. In addition, spinning helps you to learn how to control your breathing while working out. This way you are able to reduce anxiety and better your heart’s health, talk about a win-win situation huh?

On the other hand, spinning exercise bikes allow you to progress at your own pace. With the help of a resistance knob, you can adjust the resistance to a level that best suits you and increase it with time. You can also set the bike itself to increase the tension as you continue to spin such that you get to experience the resistance building up. So, whether you are using a video instructor or a trainer, you always have the choice of setting up your own pace.

If I didn’t mention the fact that the spinning exercise bike helps burn calories, then I would be leaving out all the fun stuff, right? A 30-minutes workout using the spinning bike is guaranteed to help you burn at least 500 calories. Know picture yourself supplementing your workout program with this indoor exercise bike, effective, is it not? Although the bike might be a tad bit hard on your legs as you start off, your muscles adjust and build up endurance such that you are able to comfortably spin in no time.

If you have always had a mad craving for sculpted abs, then investing on a spinning bike might be your only chance to finally get these coveted packs of muscles. As you exercise on a spinning bike, you get to work out your abdominal muscles thus developing them and depleting the layer of fat that conceals them.

Lastly, unlike the treadmills which exert too much pressure on your knees and feet, the spinning exercise bike helps keep the pressure of. It is because of this reason that most people with arthritis are advised to go for spinning bikes over treadmills.

How to buy the Best Bike

1. User friendly

When buying the best spinning bike, you should keep comfort and convenience in mind. You want to go for a model that allows you to easily grip on the handles while comfortably seated and spinning. On the same line, the best spinning bike will have a console that is easy to operate and stores all your information.

This will help you to keep track of your progress without losing foot of where you were on your last workout session. In fact, most models have the capability to store two profiles, one for the primary user and the second for the guest. This is to prevent your personal information from getting mixed up.

2. Overall construction

Buying the best spinning bike often means having to go through countless reviews. The reviews are important such that you get relevant information concerning the features of the model in question and the pros and cons of it. This way, you are able to know what you are going for. All in all, the overall construction of any good spinning bike should be durable and made from high-quality materials. In this case, you might want to go for the reputable brands as they always deliver.

3. Keep your weight and room space in mind

In the case that you have a whole room dedicated to working out, you might not find a huge spinning exercise bike a problem. However for those that have limited space, make sure you purchase a bike that can be well accommodated. Still on the same, different spinning bikes will have different weight limits, be sure to check before making an order.

4. Adjustability

In the case that you are looking to use the spinning bike with your partner or better yet the whole family. A spinning bike with adjustable features should be considered. This will allow different users to make use of the bike without having to purchase another bike all together.

5. Accessories

While a bottle holder and magazine rack might not be that important, it does help to have them around as they help keep the place tidy. Besides, who wants to work out in a room that looks all messed up? In this time, many popular bikes in the market like Nordictrack s22i, Sunny, SoulCycle, Peloton, etc. Peloton bike users use peloton cycle accessories like Padded shorts, Seat Cover, shoes, etc. for their comfortable ridding.

Final word

From the above information, it is quite clear that you have much to gain from investing in a spinning exercise bike. In the case that you are worried about the expense involved, keep in mind that you can easily purchase a spinning exercise bike that is on sale or, better yet a second hand one.

At the end of it all, you really do not have to keep up with the outrageously high gym fees. All you need is the best spinning exercise bike to get you up and running.

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