Foods to eat for hair growth

Most of old people want a healthy and strong hair. The hair growth depends on age, heal, diet and genetics. You will be amazed by knowing that your hair will grow 0.5 inches per month and 6 inches per year. But you will also keep in mind that you cannot change the factors of age and genetics. On the other hand, if you eat a healthy diet, then it will give you the best result for hair growth. There are foods to eat for hair growth that helps you in growing your hair faster. Eating healthy food is good for hair growth.

Foods to eat for hair growth

Here are the top best foods to eat for hair growth.


Eggs are great in source of biotin and protein. These are the two most important nutrients that help in enhancing hair growth. Eating rich in protein food is good for hair growth because the hair follicles are made of protein. I

If you don’t eat enough protein in your food items, then you will face the hair loss problem in your life. Biotin is essential for promoting hair growth because it is rich in keratin which is best for hair growth. Most research shows that eating biotin in your diet helps in promoting hair growth.

Eggs are also rich in zinc and other nutrients that make them a perfect food to eat for hair health.


Berries are loaded with the benefits of vitamins and compounds that help in enhancing hair growth. In Berries it includes vitamin C that is good for strong hair growth. Berries are strong in antioxidants that help in protecting hair follicles from harmful molecules which are known as radicals.

The one cup of strawberries will provide the % of vitamin C that hair needs the most for hair health. If you eat berries, then your body will produce collagen, this is a protein that increases strength in the hair. Eating berries will give you enough vitamin C that helps in absorbing t iron from your diet.

If you don’t consume enough iron from your diet, then it will not good for your hair growth.


Eating healthy green vegetable like spinach is good for your hair growth. Spinach is rich in nutrients like folate, iron and vitamin A, C that will help in enhancing hair growth. Consuming enough vitamin A helps in producing sebum that is good for hair growth.

A full cup of spinach will provide enough vitamin A for daily needs. It is one of the best foods to eat for hair growth. Spinach is rich in iron that is good for the hair growth promotion. The iron helps in carry the RBS with oxygen that helps in improving the metabolism in the body to enhance hair growth.

Decreasing Iron consumption in your daily diet will lead to hair loss.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of beta-carotene. The body will easily convert the sweet potatoes compound into vitamin A that helps in enhancing hair growth. Small sweet potato of the bowl will help in absorbing enough vitamin A for the daily needs.

Most of the studies show that consuming food that is rich in vitamin A helps in promoting sebum that keeps the hair strong and healthy. Consuming enough vitamin A food in your daily diet will increase the rate of hair growth and makes hair thicker.


Nuts are super tasty food that you can eat and easily carry with yourself while going outside of the house. It provides enough vitamin E that helps in improving hair growth. Nuts also provide enough Vitamins B, Zinc and fatty acids.

Eating nuts will also improve the health and also increase hair growth. It will also decrease the inflammation and also lower down the risk of heart problems. This is the best food to eat for hair growth and will easy to carry with you.

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