Being disease-free is not just the definition of being healthy; rather, complete health is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being. If we really want to live a healthy life then we should have to look out for our nutrient intake as nutrition has a major role in maintaining the overall health of an individual. Along with nutrition and focusing on physical health, one should also take care of their mental and social health. Below are certain tips to keep us fit and healthy. But always remember that eating healthy and fresh food will make you fit and free from diseases always. In case of any health consultancy from the experienced doctor from Sprint Medical you can book doctor appointments online from your phone or computer at home.

  1. Eat a healthy diet:
  2. The first and foremost tip for a healthy life is to take a balanced diet, consisting of macro (carbohydrate, proteins, fats) and micro (vitamins and minerals) nutrients.
  3. One should switch fruit juices with whole fruits and try to include at least one whole seasonal fruit in the diet every day.
  4. One should include whole grain and pulses (complex carbohydrates) such as sprouts, whole wheat, bajra, maize, multigrain bread, etc. in the diet.
  5. One should also try to incorporate high fiber foods in the diet, for example, leafy vegetables, salad, fruits without peeling off the skin, flour with bran, etc.
  6. One should try to use a non-stick pan for cooking as it requires less amount of oil for the preparing dishes.
  7. The best methods of cooking for good health are boiling, steaming, roasting, and grilling.
  8. If someone is overweight, he/she should try to include foods that help in increasing the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) such as spices, nuts, and seeds like almond, flax seeds, sprouted methi daana, jamun seeds, etc.
  9. Fruits like an apple with skin, pear, green guava, and vegetables like cabbage, carrot, amla should be included in the diet along with hot clear beverages like green tea, vegetable soup, and herbal tea as they help provide all the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  10. One should take small frequent meals and avoid nibbling in between meals.
  11. Drinking plenty of water and zero-calorie beverages such as clear soup, vegetable juice, lemon tea, coconut water, mango panna, etc. in between meals is helpful in keeping us hydrated and full.
  12. Limit outdoor/junk foods :

In the present time, we all are surrounded and tempted by junk food. Trying to resist them all the time eventually makes us go crazy. Therefore, it is advisable to eat our favorite food, say once every week.  Also, try to opt for healthy substitutes such as idli, paneer tikka, uttapam, etc. in small portions instead of pizza and burgers when dining out with family or friends. 

  • Limit alcohol intake:

Limiting the alcohol intake to not more than three times a week and in a very small amount is advised. One can have an occasional drink in a limited amount but should not make it a habit. If anyone really has to drink sometimes then opting for red wine is best instead of any other hard drink.

  • Get 8 hours of sleep:

Adequate sleep is very much essential for everyone as our body regenerate and recover when we fall asleep at night. Not getting enough sleep can cause lots of problems and is not healthy at all. Not sleeping well can make us moody, irritating, increase cravings for sweets or high sugar foods, disturb the hormones, reduce the muscle mass, etc., and can also make us dull and sluggish. Therefore, it is necessary to get an uninterrupted sound sleep for about 8 hours every night.

  • Get the BMI checked:

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It tells us the ideal body weight according to one’s height. It is calculated by measuring the weight of an individual (in kg) and dividing it by his/her height (in metre2). The normal BMI of a healthy individual is between 18.5-24.9 kg/m2. BMI is a reasonably accurate calculator for one’s ideal body weight. Nowadays, numerous BMI calculators are also available as smartphone apps.

  • Be physically active:

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest causes of bad health. Everyone should try to indulge in some sort of physical activity to make them fit and healthy. Being physically active does not necessarily mean that we have to hit the gym all the time. Any lighter physical activity such as morning walk, yoga, swimming, playing outdoor games with kids, riding a bicycle, etc. is also sufficient enough for being fit and healthy.  

  • Mobility and Flexibility Exercises:

After twenty years of age, most people become a lot stiffer and lose a lot of their flexibility. With the advancing age, the body keeps on getting tighter and stiffer so much so that it becomes difficult to move even for necessary functions. To prevent such situations, one should work on their joint flexibility and mobility regularly. One should also do the mobility and flexibility workout on weekends and holidays to get in the extra activity and improve faster.

  • Avoid excessive stress:

Excessive stress and negative emotions have an adverse effect on the health of an individual even if they eat well and exercise regularly. Yes, it is impossible to get a life that is completely devoid of stress as humans have emotions and with emotions, we all experience anger, frustration, depression, etc. at some point in our life or other. However, one should try to avoid excessive emotional stress to live a happy and healthy life.

  • Smile and laugh more:

This may sound fatuous but as adults, a lot of us forget to have a good laugh or even smile all day long. The work pressure and stress of all kinds make us all believe that enjoying and having a good time is a crime and not meant for adults. But to live a healthy and happy life, we should try to give ourselves some time to relax and enjoy life with our family and friends regularly. A good laugh helps uplift the mood, relieve the stress, and make us healthier.