Everything You Need to Know about Buccal Fat Removal

Everything You Need to Know about Buccal Fat Removal

The buccal fat is being called the fat layer which gets stored below your cheekbones. It is a natural thing. The buccal cavity highly affects the face shape. Everyone has this buccal fat but the shape and amount differ from person to person.

The structure of the Facial muscle and the diet are the two things that control the buccal fat. Excessive buccal fat storage can cause a round face shape (or baby face). There is nothing wrong with that however if you are concerned about having a stunning look, you can go with the Buccal Fat Removal process.

Through the buccal fat removal process, you can reduce the width of the buccal cavity below your cheekbones. Here, in this article, I’ve covered everything you need to know before having a buccal fat removal surgery. Let’s have a look.

Definition of Buccal Fat Removal Process

Buccal Fat Removal is a surgical process that ensures fat reduction from the buccal cavity by applying cheek reduction plastic surgery. This process is also known as Buccal Lipectomy. This process has only two motives. Those are-

Removing the extra fat layers from the surface of the facial muscles at cheeks.

Forming perfect facial angles to give a good tight look.

Other than Cheek Lipectomy, there are some extra buccal fat removal processes which are Chin Implants, Botox Injections, Rhinoplasty, Facelift, and Lip Augmentation. These are not directly acting on the buccal removal process but indirectly, they do.

Can Everyone do the  Buccal Fat Removal Process?

No. Not everyone is eligible for this surgery. Nowadays, people have a thinking that their face is not so beautiful and that’s the reason behind every failure. But that is a complete myth. Despite having this myth in mind, if someone still wants to have a buccal fat removal surgery, then he or she should check the criteria. Those are as follows.

  1. What’s your face structure? Is it too narrow? If yes, then you shouldn’t go with the surgery. Because the fat removal process is especially for those who have excessive fat on their cheekbones. Narrow face owners should avoid this to avoid sunken cheek problems in the future.
  2. Are you sure, you don’t have Parry-Romberg Syndrome? This causes hemifacial atrophy. According to this disease, the skin of any side of the face gets shrunken. If you do buccal fat removal surgery while having this disease, you may stimulate it unknowingly.
  3. You always need to mind your age. While growing older, our skin’s collagen starts to become loosened. So, fat gets reduced automatically. If you are above 35, it is better to avoid the buccal fat removal process as it can emphasize many facial aging signs.
  4. Other than these three, you need to have good physical health. You also need to maintain a good diet chart. Quit smoking as this can affect your facial blood circulation.

If you have fulfilled these criteria you can go with the surgery. Don’t forget to have a thorough check-up with your physician before having this surgery.

How The Buccal Fat Removal Surgery is Being Done?

Every single surgery follows a system. Treatments and check-ups before surgery, the surgery itself, and post-surgical checkups. Every step is crucial for you if you want to end up safely. Let’s see how the procedures take place.

1. Pre Surgical Treatments

This step will be done by the plastic surgeon in a check-up room. You need to express your thoughts and goals regarding your buccal fat removal. This will help the doctor to understand your requirements clearly.

The surgeon will analyze your face shape, buccal fat position and will take some frontal and side images for measurement purposes.

In this step, the surgeon will also check all the medical conditions regarding the buccal fat removal process. Your skin type, age, allergic syndromes, blood pressure, sugar level, face shape, and so on. The surgeon will give you a certain period before the operation.

In the meantime, you need to quit smoking, drinking alcohol, or any kind of drug consumption. Vitamins and supplements may be prescribed by the surgeon. Medication is also being recommended by some surgeons. You need to follow these.

2. The Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

The surgery of Buccal Fat Removal needs patience. That’s why the surgeon may take a longer time than expected. If all the reports and your physical condition are okay, then they’ll go with the surgery.

  • First, you’ll be given anesthesia. The anesthesia is being used during an operation to make a certain place senseless. As it will be done on your face, during surgery, you won’t feel any pain.
  • The next step will be the insertion of an incision pipe inside the cheek. This is being used to create pressure on your face. This pressure will expose the buccal fat outside. You won’t be able to do it by yourself as you have anesthesia.

At this part, the surgeon will make the operation successful according to plan. The surgeon will cut out the buccal fat. As soon as the surgery is being done, they’ll stitch the cut places with dissolvable stitches. Your surgery part is being done and now it’s time to rest.

3. Post Surgery Treatments

Post-surgery treatment is very important as it will ensure recovery speed. You’ll be given a mouth wash to use. This mouth wash will be given to protect you from getting infections. Along with this, you’ll be prescribed to eat healthy foods but in liquid form. This will be for a few days only. Too much movement of the facial muscles can hamper the surgery.

It generally takes 3 weeks to be healed. You can start eating anything after 3 weeks. Though you are eating soft foods and liquids, still you may see some swallow and bruise on your face. It will be healed along the time, no need to worry about it.

It may take 3 to 4 months to vanish the cut marks. Mark removal ointments will be given by the surgeon. Do follow all the appointments with the surgeon to avoid any difficulties. But in the end, self-care will be the ultimate key for faster recovery.

What Are The Side Effects of The Buccal Fat Removal Surgery?

Don’t get panicked by hearing the word side effects. Because you won’t get any of these because you have been checked before the surgery. All the tests are being done to avoid these side effects. But still, you need to know what are those.

Infection, hematoma, salivary gland damage, cardiac side effects, facial asymmetry, excess of fat removal, excessive bleeding, side effects of anesthesia, seroma or fluid accumulation, lockjaw, thrombosis, and so on.

[Note: few of the side effects may happen after the surgery. In case you are feeling uneasiness, you must contact your surgeon.]

If you are feeling frequent breathing problems, heartbeat issues, and chest pain, you should contact your doctor immediately.

How to Search for The Best Buccal Fat Removal Surgeon?

Last but not the least, finding the best surgeon is important for you. Here, you are dealing with a surgery on which your look is depending. A small mistake can ruin your face structure. It may destroy your whole life. So, finding the best doctor is very important. We are not going to mention any name here. Rather we’ll provide you the tips to find the best.

The first thing you should check about the surgeon’s educational qualification. The surgeon must be a specialist in plastic surgery. The surgeon must have an MS ( Master of Surgery) degree. Every surgeon has a registration number. You can find it on his prescription. Through this number, you can check all the data regarding the surgeon’s professional life.

This is the only way to ensure whether the surgeon is perfect or not. Now whether he or she is perfect or not, to find out that, you need to check their previous client’s testimonials. You can also ensure it by checking what’s the surgeon’s opinion on pre-surgery treatment. We know, the ways are not strong enough to find the best results but these are the ways to check for the best.

Final Words

As you have seen everything regarding the buccal fat removal process, let’s wrap it up. The buccal fat removal surgery can be quite expensive. Though it varies from country to country and level of experience of the surgeon. But all over, you can have an estimated value of $3,000 to $5,000.

Everyone wants to be beautiful. As the face is the first impression for everyone, everyone wants to have a good face structure. A good face angle can be achieved by some facial exercises.

But if you want to select the costly but fast way to do it, you should have prior knowledge regarding this. You need to know all the positive and negative impacts of the surgery. Only then you can lead a healthy life.

Maintain a good diet chart and quit smoking to maintain the face angle for long. We hope, we made our points clear to you.

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