There are various reasons that people give when they want to do any exercise. The most obvious cause is to increase their strength; but there are other medical reasons for it like suffering from whiplash, extreme knee pain or even vertigo.

Why People Lose Their Strength?

People visit the Physiotherapy Edmonton every day for many different reasons; but the main purpose that they all have is to increase their strength and stamina. Below are the principle purposes of people to visit a physiotherapist.

  1. Any kind of surgery especially a hip replacement has major aftermaths which include spending the energy of the patient. So to overcome the weakness; different exercises are done to boost the energy.
  2. After an accident people become feeble and frail and the body part that has suffered sometimes lacks motion. For the part to start moving in the normal way exercises are done.
  3. Some individuals just come to the best Physiotherapy in Edmonton to boost their stamina. This is most appropriate for the seniors because old age can make them vulnerable to injury more.

3 Physiotherapy Edmonton Exercises

The following 3 exercises that will be discussed are a part of rehabilitation in many clinics. But they can also be individually taken up to cure problems like vertigo, whiplash and joint pains. The 3 exercises are;

  1. Balancing
  2. Range Of Motion
  3. Strengthening the muscle

Balance As An Exercise

There can be various reasons for a person to lose balance. The main and most common cause is the problem of vertigo. In older people the Parkinson’s disease is a major reason for their imbalance.

Two Kinds Of Balance

At different physiotherapy clinics including Regenerate Physio; there are two kinds of exercises sued for balancing. One is controlling when the body is static and the other when you are moving.

Outcomes Of Imbalance

The most apparent outcome of imbalance is falling which is caused by instability. The control over muscles and joints is lost and results in injuries in the hips, knees back and other parts of the body.

What Balance Exercises Include?

The balancing exercises physiotherapy includes different stances of balancing on one leg for as long as you can hold. Walking in the heel to toe stance.

The Exercise Of Range Of Motion

This calculates the number of movements that a body part can make comfortably. This is not a painful procedure but for the people who have suffered an injury or undergone surgery it can be a little troubling.

Types Of Motion Exercises

In the passive range the physiotherapist will move the part him/ herself. The second exercise the assistant helps the patient to move. In the third the patient does it him/ herself.

Strengthening The Muscles

These are simple exercises that have only one purpose and that is to give strength to the muscles and joints. These are exercises that are for people of all ages; so the intensity increase according to the stamina of the person. The types of exercises at Physiotherapy Edmonton differ from clinic to the other.

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