Best Foods to cure Erectile Dysfunction

Best Foods to cure Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction remains a threat to male intimate life throughout adult life. It is never away from you, as any physical, emotional or psychological issue can bring it into life irrespective of your age.

The problem is when you are not able to get an erection that is normal and hard enough for an intimate session.

Erectile dysfunction can happen at any point in an adult life. The chances increase after 40 or in current lifestyle from mid 30’s.

Lifestyle of a man including dietary habits determines the occurrence and duration of an erectile problem in a man.

Solutions are plenty from medicine 200 mg Sildenafil citrate a higher dose for severe cases to vacuum tubes to implants.

The permanent cure comes from food that removes the causes permanently to extend the healthy erection as far as possible in life.

Top 6 Food that cure erectile dysfunction

Erectile issue at the basic levels is a blood circulation problem. Foods that promote blood circulation and remove blockages cut the risk of erectile issue forever.


Beets are rich in nitrate that gets converted into nitric oxide to loosen up blood vessels. The dilation in blood vessels facilitates greater flood flow to vital organs of the body.

Medical experts also suggest that such foods decrease blood pressure as well, which is one of the causes of erectile issues in the first place.


Any food that is good for the heart will only boost your erection. Fish with its omega 3 fatty acid clear blood passage as well as increase blood flow. Medical observations have confirmed that males on fish diet face less chances of erectile issues with other things being equal.

Fish is one of the excellent natural ways to keep blood arteries clear. Tuna, sardines, and mackerel are good sources of healthy omega 3 fatty acid.


Spinach contains folate a big blood flow booster. It also has nitrate to relax blood vessels for smooth blood flow towards the male organ. The green vegetable also has magnesium to boost testosterone production to ensure that lower libido is never a problem for a man.

A male who is already fond of spinach reduces the need for a higher tadalafil cialis 60mg dose to push blood circulation. The additional benefit is lower blood pressure and flexible blood arteries.

Carrots for healthy sperm

Carotenoids in carrots increase sperm quality and ensure higher motility. Motility is movement of sperm in semen. Both functions boost the virility of a man. Vitamin E and antioxidants protect the health of sperm by preventing damage to sperm. Antioxidants in carrots reduce side effects of ageing on the erectile process. The potassium in carrots along with vitamin E fights erectile dysfunction.


Prostate cancer is one of the prime reasons behind erectile dysfunction in seniors. Tomatoes reduce prostate cancer risk as it contains lycopene. It is a chemical that gives tomatoes the red color. It is considered a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from damage. Studies have confirmed that males on lycopene diet have less risk from prostate cancer than males with low lycopene diet.


Oyster is one of the best foods for male health. Shellfish is a big source of zinc. Zinc influences testosterone levels and maintains healthy sperm. Oysters also boost dopamine, that hormone that boosts libido levels. A man with high testosterone and good libido will never face erectile dysfunction in life. Even with soft erection, the man with libido gets maximum benefit from Generic Levitra 60 mg, which doctors prescribe for severe cases. Libido ensures that stimulation easily leads to an erection. Without libido males often find it difficult to get aroused.

Food items should be part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. You cannot get full benefit from diet change without cutting down on smoking, alcohol and sedentary lifestyle. Push the benefits with some form of physical activity. Ensure that these food items with dry and fresh fruits are part of your lifestyle modification for a healthy body and mind.


Food items are the only source to cure erection issues permanently. With a healthy diet, males can extend their healthy intimate life well beyond younger days. Along with a healthy body, get a relaxed mind through meditation and yoga. Simple stretching yoga poses will take nutrients and fresh blood to every cell in the body. The rewards in the form of a fit and renewed energy will further boost motivation to maintain a healthy body.