7 Common Causes of Impotence

Impotency or erectile dysfunction is erection weakness in males. Males with impotency or erectile problem cannot get an erection. Even if they are able to get an erection, it will be too soft and weak to allow them to have a normal intercourse. They even fail to sustain the soft and weak erection beyond a couple of minutes.

Impotency and erectile dysfunction are often interchangeable terms. But there is a slight difference according to medical experts. Impotency can be from birth, but erectile difficulties come later in life. A male with erectile dysfunction could have had a normal erection. Due to some lifestyle issues and medical issues erection problem occurs later in life. Erection issues emerging later in life are easily cured by tadalafil 60mg, a higher dose with 82 % effective rate in severe cases .

Causes of impotency

Erectile dysfunction is manifestation of underlying health and medical issues. Emotional, psychological and relationship issues left untreated for a longer duration also create erection issues in some males. It must be noted that occasional erection problem does not come under erectile dysfunction term. Only when a man faces the erection difficulty in more than 70 % of cases, it is called erectile problem. Some common causes medically observed in majority of males are mentioned as follow.

Indulgent lifestyle

Nicotine in smoking blocks blood vessels reducing blood flow to male organ. Along with alcohol, smoking damages blood nerves. Damaged blood nerves reduce blood supply in the body. Without sufficient blood flow in spongy tissue of the male organ, erection cannot take place. It is the primary cause of erection issue at the circulation level.


The Boston University says that according to study results male with diabetes face erection difficulties ten years early in life. The damaged nerves that control stimulation and response limit ability of a man to achieve erection. Hardening of blood vessels also reduces blood supply to male organ making it difficult to get and sustain an erection.

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety was a major cause behind erection issues in younger males. According to a study younger males reporting erection issue were suffering from some form of stress and anxiety. These two conditions affect brain response to physical stimulation and disrupt smooth blood flow. Personal and professional stress often affects mid aged males.

Prostate enlargement surgery in seniors

Prostate enlargement surgery even with radiation treatment can lead to erection issue. The nerves supplying blood to the male organ pass close to the prostate gland in males. The chances of any damage to nerve remain high in surgery. Depending on the damage to nerves, erectile dysfunction can be limited to a short period. If a male is in a good health, the successful surgery brings back normal erection only after a couple of years. Doctors permit use of Sildenafil citrate 200mg,a higher dose for severe cases, after medical assessment.

Psychological causes

Around 20 % of all erectile issues in younger males come under psychological causes. Depression and impact of anti depression drugs , low self-image , guilt , previous erection issues , fear of underperformance , etc are some common psychological problems . Anyone or combination of two or more such issues leads to decline in interest in intimate life. A male who is otherwise normal can face erection issues. The problem is disturbed mind that cannot play the part that it plays in erection process. The problem with psychological problems is that one needs counseling before using generic Cialis 60mg, a higher dose doctor prescribe, with high success rate. However, most psychological causes are shorter duration erectile issues if treatment is sought without delay.

Neurological issues

Parkinson, Alzheimer or spinal cord injury, etc are some prime neurological causes in seniors’ males behind erection difficulties. These issues directly affect the ability to get an erection by impacting the mind. The role of mind, which triggers the signal to body to release blood flow towards the male organ, is paramount in erection process.

Cholesterol formation in blood vessels

Cholesterol formation blockages blood flow in the body. The worse case is a heart attack, but before stroke, cholesterol accumulation takes toll on erection ability of a man. It is LDL cholesterol that causes problem. It sticks to inside of blood arteries to reduce the space for smooth blood flow. Since nerves nears male organ are smaller and narrower, any blockage is first visible in form of erection difficulties.


Afore mentioned common causes are behind 90% cases of erection difficulties. The permanent cure in several of these cases is lifestyle modification as per medical guidance. But the big factor in treatment is early detection and medical consultation, which leads to identification and treatment of the cause.