10 Health Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolate 6 Will Surprise You

10 Health Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolate 6 Will Surprise You

Chocolate not only delights our taste buds but it’s also good for our health. It is rich in antioxidants and nutrients and flavonoids that protect us from many chronic diseases such as heart problems, cancer, diabetes etc.

Doctors suggest eating two or three pieces of chocolate a day to stay healthy. You can order chocolate bars online at great prices. Online chocolate shopping gives you the option to choose from the widest range and also saves you time.

Here are the major health benefits of chocolate -:

Helps in Reducing weight -:

You must be surprised but it is true, eating a small quantity of dark chocolate half an hour before having food and five minutes after having food decreases your appetite around 50%. Due to which you will feel your stomach full, so you will not be able to eat much food, which will help in losing weight.

But remember that this is not the case with milk chocolate and white chocolate, as they will increase your blood sugar level and make you feel hungry.

Improve the memory -:

It has been observed that people who eat chocolate are more intelligent and smarter than others. Dark chocolate is rich in flavanol content and helps maintain proper blood flow to our nervous system, improving brain health, and speeding up memory.

Protect from Sunburn -:

The flavonol present also protects our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Besides this, chocolate also contains Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, iron, and calcium that helps to maintain moisture in our skin and reduce aging signs.

Enhance the mood -:

Dark chocolate enhances mood and gives emotional comfort. This is because it consists of a component tryptophan, which releases endorphins in the body that makes us feel good. You may have noticed that children are given chocolate to stop crying, as it develops the feeling of happiness. Also, when couples fight, they order chocolate bars online to please their beloved.

Fill your Body with nutrients -:

Chocolate is an abundant source of nutrients such as copper, magnesium, iron, fiber zinc, selenium, and potassium. So moderate chocolate intake can help in maintaining optimum levels of nutrients in the body.

Helps in Controlling the Blood Pressure -:

Dark chocolate contains 70%-80% of coca which helps in lowering the blood pressure. The flavanol content present in coca produces Nitric Oxide in your body that relaxes your arteries and controls the high blood pressure.

Good for Pregnant Women -:

Women who eat chocolate during their pregnancy often give birth to healthy and happy children.

Chocolate improves the blood flow in pregnant women and thereby lowers the risks of preeclampsia. Eating a small amount of dark chocolate also decreases stress and reduces the chances of miscarriage.

Improve vision -:

Researchers have found that flavonoids that are present in dark chocolate help in transporting good amounts of oxygen and nutrients to the eye’s blood vessels, which enhances the vision and helps you see better.

Reduces Fatigue -:

Adding a little amount of dark chocolate in your daily diet can help you to fight chronic fatigue syndrome, it is a pocket-friendly way to boost energy. The study has shown that the flavonoids present in cacao helps in reducing physical as well as mental fatigue without weight gain.

It lowers the risk of cancer and heart disease -:

As discussed above the dark chocolate consists of enough flavonoids and antioxidants, and these components help in lowering down the formation of “free radicals” ( free radicals are harmful residuals of oxygen reaction), which is the major cause of heart disease and cancer.

Also, eating dark chocolate control the cholesterol level by lowering down the bad cholesterol level i.e. (LDL cholesterol).

Conclusion -:

Dark chocolate is better than white and milk chocolate, and if you eat an optimum amount of it daily i.e. 30gm -60gm/day helps you to fight with chronic disease and makes you feel good.